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Happy Birthday Mabetini!

I have read that the North Dakota lawmakers want to make a fertilized egg a person with full civil rights.  Before pro-lifers say yay please answer some questions for me.
!.  If a woman has a miscarriage will she have to have a full funeral for it.  Will she be investigated?  Brought up on charges?
2. If a women has cancer while pregnant will she have to forgo treatment?
3. What about ectopic pregnancies   Those are the ones where the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus.  Left untreated it kills both mother and child to be.
4. There is also the woman who doesn't know she is pregnant and drinks or smokes or both until she finds out she is pregnant.  Will she be up on assault charges?
5. There is also birth control which prevents eggs from implanting in the uterus.  Will those be illegal.
6. What about doctor patient confidentiality?  Is it only for men?
7.  Why is the government debating and deciding what goes on inside a woman's body?
8.  What is being done the men who get these women pregnant and then leave?  All this discussion about what women can and can't do but nothing about teaching men how to stop getting women pregnant.  They agree to sex but do nothing to avoid pregnancy and then don't want to be fathers?
I would like to see lawmakers give some honest answers about this.

I just read the news form live journal about the criteria for inactive accounts.  I am posting to let people know that I am here.
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Government interests
  After the thoughtless remarks by the misinformed senator, I then found out the Republican party is really interested in women's health.  To be more precise women's access to health care.  It seems we women are not capable of deciding what to do with ourselves and need laws and judges to determine what will be done with us.  
I realize that the abortion question is important.  How children are concieved and then cared, or not cared for, does have reflect on our society.  My question is does the government belong in this discussion.
I wonder why the government has to be involved.  It seems strange that the same party who wants the government out of our pockets and doesn't want government run healthcare, is passing laws and structuring a platform that takes away pregnant women's civil rights. It also has the government monitoring by any means available the most intimate parts of a family's life.
 Republican senators have tried to pass laws having rape victims audited by the IRS.  These same senators also have tried to pass laws that would have women being investigated if they have a miscarriage and also laws that if a pregnant women comes into a hospital that no matter what the family or the mother decide that the baby comes first even if it means that the family will end up with two deaths instead of one.
How is this keeping the goverment out of our pockets?  How much money was spent passing laws that are based on a personal strict interpretaion of the bible.  So much for the government not imposing a religion.
Abortion needs to be debated.  It is an invasive, permenant procedure for a temporary problem.  The problem is when the government gets involved, the authority of families and individuals is usurped.  Roe v. Wade includes the word choice in its language.  One of the things overlooked when Tebow's mother continued her pregnancy was, that she legally had the choice to refuse the option doctors recommended.  If Roe v. Wade didn't exist would she have been allowed to refuse an abortion?
If a doctor recommends a certain treatment the patient can refuse.  If that patient is a women will she be allowed to refuse if the republicans have their way?  
Barry Goldwater was an ultra conservative politician who was against abortion.  However he pointed out that the government did not belong in the discussion.  This discussion belongs to the families involved.  When you quote the Bible about this, don't forget that a women's family has the authority in these matters and that in the wedding vows it is stated "let no man put asunder".  If the government decides when an abortion can be done what birth control is allowed, the government is stepping into an area that according to both the Bible and the Constitution, it doesn't belong. 

Hi:  I have been a live journal member for a few months.  My interests are pottery, some art, Star Trek, Naveen Andrews, Sendhil Ramamurthy and Ramon Tikaram. There are other actors I like, these three just happen to be on the agenda for now. Obviously I do like Lost and Heroes.
I am very curious about the layouts, caps and artwork I have seen displayed in other journals.  Since I am new to technology, anyone who wants to drop a tip or two on how to do these things please let me know.
I will be standing on my soapbox occasionally as I do have strong opinions about some things.  I will listen to other points of view, but will also agree to disagree.  Debate is fine, slash and burn is not.
Constructive criticism about my writing style is welcome.  I want to improve.  Feel free to drop in and say hi.  Thank you, DownsE

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